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General information about Cream bank 

General information about Cream bank AG

Cream bank is one of the largest credit institutions in Germany and an international banking group with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Private customers are offered numerous banking services in over 500 branches in Germany. Numerous products can also be requested online from the branch bank.

Advantages of Cream bank installment loan:

  • Individual monthly rate
  • Interest rate dependent on creditworthiness
  • Loan amount and term can be selected flexibly
  • Free use of installment loans
  • A month free of rates possible every year
  • Special repayment is possible at any time
  • Payment possible on the same day

Installment loan Cream bank: loans from the industry leader

Installment loan Cream bank: loans from the industry leader

Measured by total assets, Cream bank is the largest Agree bank. Other major banks in Germany include Cream bank , Agree bank. In addition to installment loans, loans for university graduates and KfW student loans are also offered in the lending business. In addition to loans, Cream bank also offers interest-bearing investments, checking accounts, credit cards, securities accounts and other services in the retail banking business.

The products are sold both online and through the nationwide branch network, although the conditions and offers online and offline can differ significantly. As is not uncommon for multi-channel banks, Cream bank tries to keep pace with the cheap competition when it comes to Internet offers, while products with additional services tend to be sold in the branches at higher prices. In the lending business, this can be seen in the branch product “t” and the online product. The internet loan is cheaper, but is sold without residual debt insurance and installment breaks and with a shorter repayment-free start-up period – these features are included in the branch product. Existing customers with a current account can use abbreviated application procedures. Cream bank is also the owner of the direct bank subsidiary bank.

The requirements & required evidence from Cream bank for an installment loan:

    • The signed loan application
    • Copy of proof of income
    • Copy of the bank statements
    • Valid identity card or passport

Advice: Loans are cheaper online than in the branch

Advice: Loans are cheaper online than in the branch

Cream bank offers installment loans online as well as through its nationwide branch network. The online loans tend to be cheaper than the products in the branches, which are often equipped with various additional services. You can use the comparison calculator to determine how good the conditions are.

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