Unsecured Loans Give Ease to Customers

Unsecured Loans Give Ease to Customers – Many assume that the conditions for applying for unsecured loans (GFI) are difficult, even though the equivalent is not.

Actually, you don’t need to feel worried and afraid to apply for a GFI, as long as you have carefully considered it.

Regarding documents as a requirement is a technical matter. However, there are at least two main questions that you must always ask yourself before deciding to submit an application, namely:

Unsecured Loans or GFI is one solution for those of you who really need an injection of funds


Unsecured Loans or GFI is one solution for those of you who really need an injection of funds quickly and easily without any collateral.

This credit is generally used for productive purposes, one of which is to renovate houses or increase business capital, although some are using it to meet consumptive needs.

Unsecured Loans Give Ease to Customers


1. Simulation

By doing a GFI simulation, you will get a general picture of the number of installments and interest that you must pay each month. Here is an example of a general simulation:

  • Si A gets a loan without collateral with a magnitude of USD 12,000,000 with a tenor of 2 years or 24 months. In this case, the creditor charges interest at a rate of 10% per year. So how many installments per month must be borne?

From the case example above we know that:

  • The principal installment amount of loan A is USD 12,000,000 / 24 months = USD. 500,000
  • The interest charged per month is IDR 12,000,000 X 10% = IDR 100,000
  • Thus, the installments per month that must be paid by Person A is the principal installment + interest = USD. 600,000

Although it does not require the customer to hand over the collateral, it must be remembered and understood that the GFI is a debt or loan that if not paid there will be sanctions that will be imposed on the debtor or borrower.

Therefore, you must calculate and carefully consider the income and expenses you have each month.

GFI installments should certainly be included in your monthly expenses and see if there is still income left to save.

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Before entering the GFI simulation stage, it helps you pay close attention to the application submission stage, which includes:

2. Determine the bank

You should consider carefully which bank has the GFI that best suits your needs and abilities.

You also need to consider the nominal limit of the loan and the amount of interest you must bear.

3. Prepare the required documents

Generally, banks will ask for several documents as a condition for submitting credit in the form

  1. Photocopy of KTP and family card
  2. Photocopy of marriage/death/divorce certificate, a prenuptial agreement
  3. NPWP / SPT
  4. Savings account in the last 3 months
  5. Salary slip for employees or income statement for entrepreneurs

4. Contact the bank

To apply for a GFI, you should come directly to the bank you want. However, now there are several banks that have provided convenience by providing online services.

5. Verification and survey

The bank will contact to confirm the completeness of the documents you submitted. You will then be asked to come to the bank to do an interview.

After that, the bank will send staff to conduct surveys, especially to the residence and place of work.

6. Wait

When all stages have been completed, then you are just waiting for news from the bank. To grant an application for a GFI loan, the bank usually takes 3 to 7 days.

It should be noted that one of the supporting factors for the granting of a GFI is when your savings account is routinely filled every month.

Grant an application for a GFI loan


In addition, a good credit history will also be a factor in the consideration of banks to grant or reject your credit application.

As we have mentioned before, the number of credit installments must be carefully calculated so as not to burden your finances every month.

It must also be known that Good Finance will record the credit data of each bank customer and will then be used to determine whether in the future you are allowed to apply for credit or not.

Therefore, make sure that you pay on time and pay off every credit you get so that it will not be difficult for you when in the future you want to re-apply for a loan.

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